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 Well, growing up moving all over the USA, I was able to listen to all kinds  of music. From the early morning gospel at a Tent church on Rainier Avenue in Seattle after my paper route; to the TEX MEX sounds in Phoenix , to the Italians singing in the Streets on Providence, R.I. to the days after I left home (quite early) at Moratorium Day in Washington, D.C. My parents house either you listened to Jim Reeves and Tammy Wynette (my Mom favorites) or Harry James  and most of the other Big Bands (my Step-father favorites) to my older brother Bill  and the Beatles and Stones, to my sister and the Top 40. After leaving home, I went to any and every Be-In Festival or Concert I could beg, borrow or work my way into. I was caught as a runaway in ‘69, Shipped off to Oahu (where my Step Father was working) and was “subjected” to all the free concerts every weekend at the Waikiki Shell; what a gas. I listen today to everything I can get a chance to hear.

Marriage, Kids, Work , Divorce are all things that postponed working towards my Music and after My first go round with a Record Company and a Tour (sole singer with Guitar) and no money afterward , I partnered up with the late great Don “Dodger: Dodge ( in 1990 and Opened Northern Stars LTD, Rehearsal Recording Production Studios. We worked to Raise the Level of Producion and Performance in the greater Seattle area. Sadly we had to close in 2002.

Now I have produced and co-produced many NW Artists. I have Produced, Production Managed, Stage Managed, Run Monitors, FOH, participated in many events as staff and as a volunteer in the Seattle Area for many years. I was CEO and co-owner and of Northern Stars Studio, Ltd. Rehearsal – Recording – Production for many years.

and After Years of Recording and Live performance Production Management, I am performing again.

 In 2007, I released my CD “Apparitions”, however; and right afterwards I was injured and it took me a while to recover.

I am Incredibly Proud of the CD “Ay B Si`” and  it is a collection of songs that mean a lot to me. Recording and Producing the Record at Robert Lang Studio is something I have done for many other artists and bands but this was the  first time for me. The Amazing Friends helped me create the treatment and feel that I was looking for with this record.

Step Off   Originally Stevie B. Hallahan started writing and after he passed away, I finished the song.  Greg and Max heard me and what I was trying to say.

Hand Me Down World  A Stevie B. Hallahan composition from his band “The Alleged Perpetrators”, a song that should never be lost or forgotten.  This Band of Amazing Friends (some of whom knew Stevie B) feel the song.

Marijuana This is not about getting high. It’s a PSA with valuable information that can help this planet survive.

Draw the Line I am “Calling Out” those who would protest online instead of coming out in the streets,  sure the net can call you to act but if you come out and vote, we’ll all hear your voice.

Everybody Knows My take on the Leonard Cohen Song that I heard long ago and it never left my head.

You are not alone My pal Jasey Schnaars’ song of hope, that I when I first heard it in the 80’s,  it touched me and the Band.

Talk to Me I asked her to talk, she wants to walk; I want to walk, she wants to talk.

You Know Me  A simple song of what was.

There She Was  Another Stevie B. Hallahan composition that I feel, felt and want.

Papa Don’t think He’ll Make It  For my pop and my kids.

Mercedez  A Tribute to Barry White.

Pieces of the Rain My friend Danny O’Keefe’s sweet song of what was.

Goodbye (CYA) Written the night of my friend, mentor and business partner Don “Dodger” Dodge’s passing to the other side.

The Band Of Amazing Friends are folks I have known and worked with for many years and the performances that they give on The New CD “Ay B Si`” make them truly Amazing. Some of the songs are mine, some from the Late Great Stevie B Hallahan (RIP) and cover song that I love including “You are not alone” written by Jasey Schnaars, and song by Leonard Cohen that I love, “Everybody Knows” and the inspirational “Pieces of The Rain” written by Danny O’Keefe. Recorded at Robert Lang Studio and Vagrant Studio here in Seattle with me, Homero Glez S and Lari Peterson engineering. I produced thesongs the way I wanted to hear them and Chris Hanzek Mastered the songs with great precision.




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