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Humboldt Draw
Greg Blanke Harper

Sean Hardison

Billy Duane and the Creepers
“Big 390”

Reggie Garrett and the Snake Oil Peddlers
“Time Stands Still”

Joe Mckinstry
“Milepost 61”

Cecil Berry
“Cecil Berry”

Panama Red
“Choice Buds”

and Many More

I Have Produced With:
Don Dodge

Sean Lahay

Lari Peterson

Mark Wolfson

I Have Taken Seminars From:
Geoff Emerick (the Beatles)
Alan Parsons (Pink Floyd)
Joe Chiccarelli
Phil Ramone
Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd)
And more
I have Produced at, worked at and have relationships with:
BlackWing Studio
Chateau Studio
Dodge City Studio
Laughing Dog Studio
Northern Stars Studio
Robert Lang Studio
Stepping Stone Studio
Studio Litho

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