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Singer/ songwriter Neal Storme writes story songs about the challenges of the common man, loss, love, social issues, and Marijuana. Reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, he uses colorful turns of a phrase to engage the listener. There is a larger than life dramatic feel to his vocal delivery and the overall depth of the production. The album is mostly populated by American flavored rock with a bit of jazz and reggae. He is joined by a large ensemble of musicians listed below who all add their personal touch to bring his vision to life. This is clearly a man who has made many friends along his musical journey and relishes in sharing his music with his fellow musicians and the world.  The album is a far reaching journey through the life, loves and friendships of Neal Storme. It takes courage to expose one’s life and I look forward to hearing more stories from his personal experience. http://365radionetwork.com/album-review-neal-storme-ay-b-si/

Album Review: Neal Storme – “Ay B Si”

Charles R. Cross sez : “Great stuff Neal, You are a gift to Seattle.”

Danny O’Keefe sez : “Beautiful”

Gene Stout sez : “Very fun”

Music Arts Monthly sez: This folks is just plain fun music that you must hear. Hear Neal on his YouTube Channel.

Pamela Moore (Sister Mary Queensryche) sez : “Neal Storme is an honest, passionate writer of life, love, conviction and sorrow but not without knowing how to be playful.    My personal favorite on this CD is the last track on the album entitled “Goodbye (Cya)” which was written about a powerful friendship between Neal and his good friend Don Dodge.”

STRUTTER’ZINE: Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends ‘Ay B Si’ (Independent/USA Import) http://strutter.8m.com/HOTNEWREVIEWS2015-November.htmlhttp://www.strutter.co.nr/ Out of Washington comes Neal Storme, a very talented musician, and he has been in the music business for quite a few decades now. However, he has mainly been active as a producer and manager of all kinds of events throughout the USA, but also was a street musician for many years, so therefore it took some time before he would actually release something on his own. Now he released a full length album, with the help of a whole list of guest musicians and I must say it is a very impressive records. Completely in the all-American heartland rock/aor style of the classic 1970s / early 1980s, with bluesy licks, soulful vocals and AOR choruses, sounding like Benny Mardones meets John Melllencamp meets Michael Stanley Band, with strong raw vocal work a la Bruce Springsteen (also musically of course, because Bruce is after all the king of this genre!). Here and there I can also comparisons to Warren Hayes, but most of the 13 songs go directly in the classic heartland rock style. The best songs are the uptempo rockers Hand Me Down World, You Are Not Alone (AORish), Draw the Line (Heartland Rock, Bruce Springsteen meets Michael Stanley, with a lovely guitar solo), Everybody Knows (nice Leonard Cohen cover) and Papa don’t think he’ll make it (strong lyrics!). Definitely a big surprise, this album and highly recommended to fans of mentioned heartland rockacts! More info at :http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nealstormeandthebandofam


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